A unique range of handmade botanically printed and naturally dyed  art cloth, wearable art and household textiles, made  in Warwickshire, England.

Please take a moment to visit my online store, or contact me to discuss commissioning the textile art of your dreams!

I am very happy to ship abroad but this website does not support sales outside the UK, so please message me and we can discuss postage costs and payment method

More  information about the natural and environmentally friendly methods I use  can be  found  in the  'techniques'  section - or visit the  'workshops' section to see how  you can learn to produce  beautiful textiles  yourself


Beverly Silberstang

16.11.2022 16:52

Hi Caroline. I love your sweaters (cashmere or cotton) and would love to purchase one but I would need a 38 size bust. Can you let me know if you have any in this size. I don't seem to see them.


30.10.2022 19:37

Could you add me to your mailing list thanks

Bonnie Strollo

28.10.2022 18:00

Please add me to your e-mail list. Thank you, Bonnie Strollo


23.10.2022 20:55

I would love to attend a course in the UK next year as a beginner.
Can you please add me to your email list.
Many thanks, Jules


17.10.2022 09:56

May I be added to your mailing list please? Thanks

Iulia bartfeld

13.09.2022 17:00

Plase include me to your online workshop list and updates.Thank you.

Iulia bartfeld

13.09.2022 16:57

Fantastic artist!Amazing work!

Lyse Lefebvre

26.08.2022 18:50

What an artist you art a magician with what nature has to offer!!! Love your creations ❤️

Karen Mann

15.05.2022 07:22

Hi there, I would like to take part in one of your eco print workshops. Can you please send me info on forthcoming dates? Thanks

gel silkbreeze katz

16.06.2021 16:02

a gracious and generous artist...lovely designs and colours.....

judith larson

09.06.2021 18:44

Love your deigns

Kim Kreis

27.05.2021 03:40

Please add me to your mailing list

Audrey Reiss

15.02.2021 08:28

Hello my dear Caroline, just want to tell you how much I love what you make and although I can't purchase now, I really do hope to one day, and meanwhile I look forward to learning with you hugely xxx

Jane Werthmann

07.02.2021 19:50

love your work


26.01.2021 01:46

I enjoyed seeing all your wonderful works. It's amazing how much can be done using natural materials and natural dyes that I never even thought about prior Thanks for the learning experience /

cindy stentz

25.01.2021 18:58

do you have a mailing list?
id love toknow if you are doing online workshops. ive been a long time dyer with mx dyes but want to shift to botanicals.

Lita Hansen

25.01.2021 18:26

Love your botanical work

Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski

25.01.2021 18:05

I'd love to get updates from you!

Donna Kuhl

25.01.2021 17:00

Hello Caroline Nixon - would you consider a 4 day online course in 2021 or 2022: 2 days to dye a piece and 2 days devoted to stitching on the piece? We are Fiber Forum of EGA in the USA. Thank you -

Anne Woodcock

25.01.2021 14:17

Hi Caroline.. Are you offering any online courses?

jean Chisholm,

25.01.2021 11:39

Have you any on line courses?
.I have tried this technique unsuccessfully many times

Jan Leivers

25.01.2021 10:45

So interested in this technique.

Caroline Nixon

25.01.2021 11:06

it's endlessly fascinating

Carolyn Tyrer

04.12.2020 21:22

Love your products

Rachel Stalker

03.12.2020 14:38

Please could you add me to your mailing list for the next workshop.
Thankyou, have a good Christmas- Rachel

Sue Byrne

08.05.2020 10:37

Hi - I'm a committee member of the Stratford Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers and we were wondering if you have any videos of your workshops, or if you could do one specifically for us. Sue B

Kagari Arnoldi

28.11.2019 06:26

Hi Caroline
I would love to try one of your workshops (in the U.K.?)
Have you got plans?

Kind regards


Jane Henderson

27.09.2019 10:53

Please add me to your list and a course list too! Thank you

Chrissie Day

24.09.2019 06:55

Please add me to your lust

Pam Cain

05.09.2019 13:03

Please add my name to your mailing list for 3 day beginner courses.

Frances Owl-Smith

02.09.2019 22:46

Please add me to your email list.

Maureen foley

02.09.2019 20:01

Please add me to your mailing list too !

Alison Blakeley

02.09.2019 12:16

Please put me on your waiting list for workshops, I’m in north Norfolk.

Lesley Molyneux

02.09.2019 06:51

Please add me to your mailing list. Thanks

Rosemary Rayner

02.09.2019 05:59

Hi..love the colours in your prints . Please put me in your mailing list for workshops

Helen Newton

18.08.2019 07:52

Hello Carline, it was lovely to meet you at Art in the Park in Warwick. (I bought the cute jacket for my granddaughter). Can't wait for the next batch of beginners workshops for my 2 friends and I.

Lyn Harris

05.08.2019 14:28

Please add me to your mailing list for eco print workshop. Although I live in South Wales I can stay with my sister in Southam. Sorry I missed the fair this year as I would love to have seen your work

Lyn Harris

05.08.2019 14:25

Absolutely beautiful.

Jane Jones

04.08.2019 14:10

Hi Caroline, I absolutely adore my Horse Chestnut leaf scarf, great to meet you today at Art in the Park. I would love to attend an eco-printing workshop, please add me to your list. Thanks Jane x

Louise Elliott

03.08.2019 21:04

Hi Caroline I am interested in any upcoming beginners eco-printing workshops. Many thanks Louise

Chrys Hendi-Warner

29.07.2019 05:19

I would be interested in attending workshops, Caroline. I am especially interested in eco-printing. Please could you inform me of any future workshops.


25.06.2019 11:40

Hi Caroline, if I come along to the paper course at Claydon, will some of what you teach be applicable to fabric or is it a paper only technique? Thanks

Pam Archdale

19.06.2019 15:35

Hi Caroline, a friend of mine went to an eco printing course run by Elisabeth Viguie-Culshaw. As I live near Oxford she recommended that I contact you. Do you have any workshops running later in 2019?

Caroline Nixon

19.06.2019 21:35

I have places left on the paper and bookbinding course at Claydon- see the workshop section of my website for info . All my other courses are fully booked. there may be more later in the yea

Sarah Head

15.11.2018 13:34

Please let me know when you’re having workshops in 2019. Thanks!

Susan Morgan

15.11.2018 13:26

Please add me to your workshop list. Thanks!

Lucy Laidlaw

17.10.2018 10:15

Please send me details about your courses. Thank you. Lucy

Chris Nicholson

02.10.2018 15:49

Hi Caroline. I met you briefly when you were exhibiting at Ascot spring flower show 2018 but am only just following up. I would like to join your mailing list for courses please.

Helen Hughes

03.09.2018 16:18

Hi Caroline. Please could you let me know if you are running any more courses this year?

Sian Kibblewhite

17.07.2018 15:02

Hi Caroline,
I wondered whether you will be doing any workshops in the Autumn?

Kate marshall

24.03.2018 08:39

Hi I am interested in a course for myself and daughter only, Is this something you would be able to provide?
Many thanks and best wishes

Joan Slack

25.11.2017 21:30

Hi Caroline,
I am interested in the July class you are offering, but don't see anything on your website. Is there another link?

Kate O’Rourke

20.11.2017 23:12

Beautiful textiles. Would love to come to a workshop.

Maggie Pearson

07.10.2017 22:57

Hi Caroline. thank you for your speedy response. I’m in Liverpool, UK.

Maggie Pearson

07.10.2017 18:47

Hi. I am really disapoointed(but not surprised) your workshops are full, though someone mentioned you are offering something in France next summer?? Your work is so lovely, I'd love to learn from you!

Caroline Nixon

07.10.2017 19:19

Hi Maggie. I'm afraid the French workshop is full too. If the weather stays ok I might open up one more workshop this year - are you in the U.K.? Meanwhile I'll put you on my mailing list

Maggie Pearson

30.09.2017 22:29

Yes please Caroline. Pat... I didn’t realise you were also into all this wonderful stuff! Must get together.... M x x

Pat Saunders

30.09.2017 17:14

Can you add me too. Maggie we could go together! Pat x

Maggie Pearson

29.09.2017 17:03

Hello Caroline. I have been admiring your work on the Eco-Dye-etc Facebook page. do you still have a place left on your October 24th workshop?

Caroline Nixon

10.05.2017 09:04

will do judy. By the way, did you see that my studio is open for a week from 13 -21 st May during oxfordshire Artweeks?

Judy Rawlinson

10.05.2017 08:49

Please let me know of courses in the summer - afraid I can't attend the one in May.

Sara Burnett

10.03.2017 01:17

Caroline, I just tries to buy your mobius scarf that is done with Mokume Shibori and dyed with logwood and cutch but your site will not accept my zip code. I live in Middlesex,New York. How can I buy

edwina Hughes

12.01.2017 15:52

Hi Caroline thanks for your info. I have been researching and using natural dyes for some time but would like the practical experience of a workshop on eco printing. Please let me know dates.

Carolyn Arber

10.12.2016 21:40

I do so love the silk top I bought from you at Compton Verney and just want to check you have my name on your list for workshops next year. Do you do talks for guilds?

Caroline Nixon

11.12.2016 13:34

Hi Carolyn,so glad you love your top.I think I remember the one you bought - rich autumnal logwood and madder with sumach leaves?

Caroline Nixon

15.09.2016 23:11

Sorry the website is looking a bit depleted right now. Most of my stock was sold at my recent exhibition at Whichford pottery. Website will be restocked soon!

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16.11 | 16:52

Hi Caroline. I love your sweaters (cashmere or cotton) and would love to purchase one but I would need a 38 size bust. Can you let me know if you have any in this size. I don't seem to see them.

30.10 | 19:37

Could you add me to your mailing list thanks

28.10 | 18:00

Please add me to your e-mail list. Thank you, Bonnie Strollo

25.10 | 14:01

Hi Caroline:
I'm the person who didn't make it to Morocco...and I really don't want to wait until next fall to take some instruction from you. Any suggestions for a course I could take in the meantime

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