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In person workshops abroad

April 2024 Morocco x2 - full

June 2024 France - full

September France - full

Jackie Martin

11.09.2019 09:44

Can you give the 2020 workshops

Catharine Plummer

01.09.2019 20:41

Hi. Can you send me details of future courses?

Annick Cottom

31.08.2019 20:27

Please can you let me know about your 2020 workshops. Thanks


27.08.2019 07:52

Please send details of 2019-20 workshops in the uk

Cally Scanlon

Please can you send me dates and info for courses over next twelve months.

Thanks Cally

Jeanette Burson

21.08.2019 14:20

23.10.2018 22:23

Please let me know about 2019 courses. Thanks

Amanda Miles

26.03.2018 21:09

I wonder if you still have places on your course On July 8th of any others which should be at a weekend as I work during the week


13.03.2018 12:52

please include me in your mailing list

Carol Sullivan

17.02.2018 20:36

Please include me on your mailing list!

Deborah Dawn

11.12.2017 20:32

Hi Caroline, I’m interested in 30th June -2nd July course, so any details for that would be much appreciated.

Lucy sylvester

28.11.2017 19:42

Please keep me posted!


18.11.2017 21:34

Hi Caroline, met you today at Blenheim brought a lovely blouse and now wishing I had brought a scarf as well, will check the website
Can you send me dates for spring workshops please,

Joanna Chadwick

06.11.2017 14:09

Hi Caroline,

I bought lots of lovely stuff from you on Saturday at Compton Verney and would love to be added to your mailing list for courses in particular! Best,

Jo Chadwick.

Margaret adunning

05.11.2017 07:30

Hi Caroline bought from you today at Compton Verney love your work. I would like to know how many students you could take on a day course for our Guild of Silk Painters group and possible dates.

Anne O'Rourke

04.11.2017 23:30

Hi Caroline - saw your work today at Compton Verney and loved it - please add me to your mailing list for future courses

Ewa Morawski

16.10.2017 18:08

Hi there,
Would you please let me know the dates of the workshops and courses in 2018, thank you!

Joan Slack

06.10.2017 17:10

Hi Caroline, I'd like to know of any classes in the future!


06.10.2017 20:31

Hi joan,I'll put you on my mailing list with pleasure

Jean Marsden

02.09.2017 07:23

Please. Inform me of any eco dying courses for 2018. I have been unsuccessful trying this on my own !

Laurie Turner

27.08.2017 12:47

I have done a bit of ecoprinting...self taught but would like to learn/do more...have you anymore workshops planned?Thank you

Jeanette Burson

18.08.2017 20:29

05.08.2017 16:27

Sandi Turner

Hi Caroline I have just purchased 2 of your lovely tops from the Whichwood Pottery and would love to participate in a future course/s. Please let me know future dates.

Caroline Nixon

05.08.2017 17:48

Hi Sandi, thanks so much for your purchases, I do hope you enjoy them. I'll add your name to my workshop mailing list. Best wishes Caroline

23.06.2017 22:58


Do you have any workshop dates for 2018? I'd love to attend a 3 day one in Warwickshire but cannot get to July's.

I would love to know when you are holding more courses. Thank you

Lizzie Drake

20.06.2017 21:36

Please will you keep me informed about the natural dye with ecoprint workshop when it is coming up.

Gill Omar

04.06.2017 06:33

Details of your future workshops please. Thank you

Claire Cooper-Walsh

02.06.2017 22:54

Hi Caroline, can you let me know of any workshops in the summer or autumn please.Thank you


27.04.2017 20:01

Will do lucy

Lucy Sobrero

27.04.2017 18:59

please let me know of any workshops later in the summer. thanks

Caroline Nixon

21.03.2017 10:47

hi kate- tried to send you a message but it bounced. Yes, I have reserved you a place, could you email me at and we can discuss further. best wishes caroline

Kate Batchelor

21.03.2017 09:59

I'm interested in the Eco dyeing course on May 27 th. Please can you let me know if there are still places. Thanks

caroline nixon

10.03.2017 08:46

Hi Sue,start at 9.30, and nominal finish of 4.30 but will continue longer if people need more time to finish

Sue Jenkins

10.03.2017 08:29

Caroline, could you indicate the start and finishing times for your day courses in May

Joyce Schwaller

10.03.2017 00:48

When will you have a date for the "Combining natural dye with Eco Print" workshop? Can I be placed on the notification list?

caroline nixon

10.03.2017 08:49

Hi Joyce, not quite finalised yet. Could you drop me a message at caroline.nixon@btinternet and then I'll have your email address to let you know

Deborah Horn

17.02.2017 16:54

Hi Caroline, we met last night at your talk at Broughton. Could you please reserve me a place on your workshop on 27th. May for Textile artists.

caroline nixon

17.02.2017 19:54

Hi Debbie, I have reserved you a place, and sent you an email

Caroline Nixon

11.02.2017 10:45

Hi sue.yes,there are places left on 27 th May. Drop me an email at caroline.nixon@ to arrange a place.look forward to seeing you

Sue Currah

11.02.2017 10:28

Hello Caroline! I met you in the Red Cross shop in Stow recently. I am interested in attending one of your courses. Do you have any spaces left? Many thanks Sue x

Caroline Nixon

28.02.2017 13:30

Hi Sue, not sure if you got my last reply? I have reserved you a workshop place. could you email me for more details. Caroline

Caroline Nixon

30.01.2017 16:31

rose, would you also be kind enough to send me an email at, so I have your email address

Caroline Nixon

30.01.2017 16:30

hi rose, yes ,it would be great to see you You can either book on the website, in the online shop under workshops, or send me a cheque - little barn, vicarage lane, long compton cv365lh

Rose Lewis

30.01.2017 14:48

Could I please book the workshop on 27.5.17. My friend Di Keelan has recommended you.

Caroline Nixon

26.01.2017 22:16

Hi Christina. Do email me at to let me know what particularly interests you and when you might want to travel, then I can make sure summer workshops fit your needs


26.01.2017 21:48

I shall wait for your summer workshops to arrange my trip to you from Greece.

Caroline Nixon

26.01.2017 17:47

Yes indeed Diane. I'm planning to hold some longer workshops in July/August, covering cellulose fibres, upcycling thrift store finds, and natural dye with ecoprint. I'll message you via fb

Diane Gamm

26.01.2017 17:00

I'd love to come to one of our workshops, but it's a bit far for a one day workshop. Do you think you'll ever offer longer workshops? It might be a way to get me back to the UK. It's been 40+years!

Diane Keelan

14.01.2017 13:59

Hi Caroline pls can I send you a cheque for full amount ?

Caroline Nixon

13.01.2017 22:56

Hi Rona, yes, the wednesday workshop would be perfect for creative not at all idiotic women like you!I'll save you a place. You can book via the online store under workshops

Rona Thorogood

13.01.2017 17:11

Hi Caroline
Saw your email to Chris so looked at your website. I think your workshop on Wed 24 May would be OK for complete idiots like me! Any places left? Love Rona

Lucy Sobrero

12.01.2017 19:11

Having seen you beautiful work at Compton Verney, and bought a scarf, I hope to come on one of your workshops in 2017! all the best Lucy

Diane Keelan

25.12.2016 12:21

I'm interested in both a monthly sessions and future workshops

Diane Keelan

23.12.2016 08:42

Pls let me know of future work shops ,
I have just joined the Eco- dyeing group and see your fabulous work.

Caroline Nixon

11.12.2016 13:37

Carolyn I just checked and I don't seem to have your email address , so do please let me have it, and then you will get any future newsletters. And yes, I'm glad to do talks for guilds

Carolyn Arber

10.12.2016 21:43

Just realised you have a dedicated page!

Enid Leckie

03.11.2016 15:34

Would like information of workshops when available please.


14.10.2016 19:06

Hi. Margaret. I am very happy to do talks and demos,if you could email me at we could have a chat abou it

Latest comments

16.11 | 16:52

Hi Caroline. I love your sweaters (cashmere or cotton) and would love to purchase one but I would need a 38 size bust. Can you let me know if you have any in this size. I don't seem to see them.

30.10 | 19:37

Could you add me to your mailing list thanks

28.10 | 18:00

Please add me to your e-mail list. Thank you, Bonnie Strollo

25.10 | 14:01

Hi Caroline:
I'm the person who didn't make it to Morocco...and I really don't want to wait until next fall to take some instruction from you. Any suggestions for a course I could take in the meantime

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So many options!

Click on the links below to view full details - you may have to cut and paste them into your browser as they don't always work!

I have a beginners online course which runs continuously - it's an independant learning course and you can start anytime and work at your own pace.

Also online courses for more advanced printers, ecoprint with natural dyes part 1 and 2

July 2024 Ecoprint with natural dyes 3 day course at Littleheath Barn. 

Details coming soon

April 2024 Morrocco - 2 workshops

June 2024 Dordogne France. Full  but worth putting your name on the waiting list

UK workshop dates will be released in the New Year. Enquiries about private workshops for individuals or guilds always welcome- in person or online

fantastic cafe for lunch! Oh- and a heatwave.

fantastic cafe for lunch! Oh- and a heatwave.

Photos from the 2 week ecoprint workshop at L’Epinoux France

wonderful work produced by a talented group of participants of all ages and nationalities

Natural dye with ecoprint. June 30th-July 2nd 2018

Natural dye with ecoprint

3 day workshop

A three day course exploring the exciting world of combining natural dye with ecoprint

Held in my studio and dyeplant garden in long Compton, Warwickshire

Come and learn how to print beautiful textiles, with clear leaf prints against plain or patterned natural dye backgrounds. Working in a small group,with a maximum of seven students, you will get all the individual attention and support you need

During the three days you will:

· Gain a clear understanding of how mordants work

· Learn to mordant both protein and cellulose fabrics

· Gain an understanding of how different leaves interact with different natural dyes to discharge, modify or resist them

· Prepare and use a variety of natural dye extracts

· Learn a number of different techniques to colour your cloth before during or after ecoprinting

· Learn how tannins and metal salts can enhance your results


On day 1 we will work with samples, so you can experience a range of techniques. We will learn about mordants, and mordant cloth ready for days 2 and 3

On days 2 and 3 we will work on dyeing scarves, garments or yardage, and continue to enlarge your repertoire of techniques

There will be an optional guided evening walk in Batsford Arboretum,to help you identify leaves that print well

You will go home with all the knowledge and skills you need to continue to explore these techniques independently. And a stash of gorgeous printed garments and fabric!

Who is it for?

This course is for people who already have some experience of ecoprinting and are able to produce clear prints. Basic bundling techniques will not be covered. If you are a beginner and wish to come on this course we can arrange a supplementary day to provide you with the necessary skills. If you are a felter you are very welcome to print samples on felt, but we cannot handle large felt pieces as they instantly exhaust the dye baths!

What’s included

Three days’ tuition in a small group setting

A sample pack of mordanted fabric so you can get printing straight away on day 1

Plenty of fabulous foliage ( though you may also bring your own)

Tea, coffee, cold drinks, cookies

Lunch on day 1 will be ‘ bring and share ’

Lunch on days 2 and 3 will be provided

Optional guided walk in Batsford Arboretum

There will be an additional materials fee of £20 per student to cover dyes and mordants for the whole three days

What’s not included:

Fabric, apart from samples for day 1

Accommodation - there are lovely options nearby , details on request

Entry fee to Batsford Arboretum

A detailed list of the things you need to bring, and suggested fabrics to source will be sent nearer the time

Fabric and scarves will be available to purchase if wished


£300, plus £20 materials fee

How to book

Booking is open now

Please contact me :

I will email you a booking form

3 day beginner/improver workshop at National Trust Claydon House

7 - 9 July 2018

10am - 4pm

A 3 day immersive workshop in eco-printing and botanical contact printing. Taking cuttings from the gardens of Claydon, this introductory workshop will show you a contemporary adaptation of the ancient method of colouring cloth with plant pigments.

This workshop is designed to teach you all the techniques you need to produce clear and vivid prints from botanical materials. It is suitable for absolute beginners, but will also be entirely relevant to improvers, especially those who are hoping to achieve clearer prints, richer colours, and greater technical knowledge. Some of the natural materials shall be gathered from the beautiful gardens of Claydon or you'r welcome to bring some of your own. 

The  following areas will be  covered:

·         Sourcing fabric, including recycling and upcycling

·         Preparing fabric to print – protein and  cellulose fabrics

·         Mordants and  modifiers, iron blankets

·         Essential equipment for ecoprinting at home

·         Sourcing  plant material

·         Design and placement

·         Preparing dye pots from plant  material

·         Dyebath and steaming techniques

·         Laundering and aftercare  of ecoprinted fabric

·         Safety and  environmental issues

Day 1  

You will make samples, using a variety of different fabrics and techniques. All of the fabric you need will be provided, and some of it will be mordanted ready for you. You will work with silk, wool and linen. (If you are a felter you are welcome to make a small sample using your own felt) You will learn about mordants, and mordant some fabric or garments ready for day 2

Day 2

You will spend the day putting your new skills to use, printing  scarves and garments, or paper. You will also discuss how to source suitable fabrics, including charity shop finds to up-cycle.

Day 3 

We will increase our repertoire of mordants and techniques, and tackle more complex garments - larger pieces or pieces with sleeves that require more complex folding techniques.

By the end of the course you will have the knowledge and skills to continue eco-printing at home as well as leaving with at least 4 beautiful wearable items, or printed yardage to sew at home, printed paper to frame or incorporate into projects.

What to bring;

A detailed material list of basic studio essentials shall be provided nearer to the start of the course. 

Course fee £240.00

Materials fee £12 per student for a fabric sample pack and £10 per student for other materials (mordants and sundries)

All bookings handled directly by the Courtyard Studio at Claydon House

2 day Beginner / Improver Workshop

2 day Ecoprint Workshop

21-22 April  2018 9.30-4.30

Long Compton Warwickshire

This workshop is designed to teach you all the techniques you need to produce clear and vivid prints from botanical materials.

It is suitable for absolute beginners, but will also be entirely relevant to improvers, especially those who are hoping to achieve clearer prints, richer  colours, and greater technical knowledg

Day 1  - can be taken as a  one day workshop

Today we will be making samples, using a variety of different fabrics and techniques. I will provide all the fabric you need, some of which will be mordanted ready for you. You will work with silk, wool and linen. (If you are a felter you are welcome to make a small sample using your own felt)

You will learn what equipment you need to start ecoprinting (inexpensively) at home

You will learn about mordants, and mordant some fabric or garments ready for day 2

Day 2

You will spend the day putting your new skills to use, printing  scarves and garments

We will also discuss how to source suitable fabrics, including charity shop finds to upcycle

You will go home with at least 2 beautiful wearable items, or fabric to sew into garments at home

We will not be combining natural dye with ecoprint this time. This will be covered  in a future workshop

What is included

Fabric samples for day 1


Foliage (you are welcome to bring your own too)

Tea, coffee, soft drinks, biscuits

On day one we will arrange a ‘ bring and share’ lunch. Those travelling from afar will be able to obtain their contribution at our excellent  village shop

On day 2 lunch will be provided

Accommodation is not included, there are excellent b and bs and hotels nearby, info on request


Day 1 only £90

Days 1 and 2 £190