feedback from stitchclub online course jan 2021

Ramona  Thank you so much Caroline. I really enjoyed listening to your wonderful instructions and had great fun today making one bundle

patricia Just wanted to say very many thanks to Caroline who I think did and still does a superb job with her workshop. I don't think I have seen a workshop so clear, well presented and detailed, then following it up offering so much advice re the process for those samples that need a bit more help, in a really clear simple form. thanks Caroline I think you got many people hooked.

ruda  About 7 years ago I did an ecodyeing/printing workshop. I found it pretty confusing and didn’t pursue it. Then along came Caroline’s wonderfully clear workshop.

Hildie I just finished watching your tutorial and was "Blown Away"

I’ve done eco printing before and have had “ so so  “results after listening to your presentation  I now know what I’ve been doing wrong.I’m so excited to get started 

Sheila Your workshop and very detailed instructions were more than I could have hoped for. You certainly didn't leave anything out, you were more than generous with your knowledge Thank you so much 

 Jan Thank you so much, Caroline.  I've thoroughly enjoyed this workshop - your written and video instructions are excellent, and your 'virtual' review of our printing and analysis in response to the many questions - kudos!

 Jackie Such an informative and well organised workshop, Caroline....thank you so much! Also for your patience in answering the myriad questions of members. I have loved experimenting

Hellen This has been fabulous! I really appreciate your videos and am  inspired to  start creating with local plants.  

Frances Hi Caroline - thanks for all this brilliant inspiration. I shall be giving up cooking altogether now in favour of just steaming leaf bundles! Really enjoying this.

Jann Thank you, Caroline;  most excellent written and visual instructions. Imparting your knowledge of the print characteristics of the leaves is wonderful.

Molly Wow...what a fabulous well thought out with lots of options

Judy Loved this workshop, the instructions were very easy to follow

Anne Thank you Caroline. This has been such a wonderful workshop and one which keeps me enthralled at each unwrapping! Many thanks.

Alison Thank you so much for this fantastic workshop. Your instructions are so clear & concise whilst being truly inspirational

Frances This is fantastic Caroline - so clear and generous. Really enjoying this magic process.

Patricia Thank you, great workshop

Vicki Thank you Caroline for your enthusiasm and professional approach. You have taken the mystique away and made it such an enjoyable process.

Mo  thank you so so much for generously giving us so much of your knowledge and encouragement. It really has been brilliant.

Ramona  Thank you so much Caroline. I really enjoyed listening to your wonderful instructions and had great fun today making one bundle

Feedback from January online foundation skills course jan 2021

MonikaThank you so very much  .Your course has filled in a lot of gaps and inspired me to continue learning about the plethora of plants around me. Your teachings filled my head with ideas and my heart with joy for the art of botanical printing! 

Susan Thankyou seems insufficient. Your ability to inspire, to teach and to encourage is wonderful. This course is undoubtedly the best thing I could have done to re-boot my little grey cells and re-set my skills.

Thanks also to the engaging comments & discussions from & between the other participants. It’s been a fantastic learning opportunity. I love the feeling of being connected to so many beautiful people.

Susan This excellent class offers so much to both the beginning and more experienced student. I liked having a workbook to print and keep for future reference. I've already registered for another workshop and am looking forward to it!

Pamela What a brilliant course, I’m so thankful I found it and grateful that you presented this wonderful opportunity to us all. I’m just wondering when you sleep! You seem to be always available to us. I can only reiterate what the other participants have remarked and thank you so much.,I’ve learnt heaps and finally got to use an iron blanket successfully, plus print on cotton. I’m excited at the possibilities 

Monika Your course taught me everything I came to learn and more. It was so great to have the fb group, you were ever so present and seeing everyone's work and comments was so stimulating and informative. I walk away happy and inspired. Muchas gracias profe, a job well done!

Kiran Thank you Caroline for a very informative and educational course. Must for every beginner !! Last two years I have self taught about eco printing from reading and observing others. You have provided true ‘foundation’ where things make sense now ! The purpose behind doing certain techniques ! Amazing way how to roll scarf with a blanket to get less wrinkles to achieve spectacular outcomes !! Never knew or seen or heard before !!! So thanks again from bottom of my heart for your support, patience and understanding towards your pupils !!! 

TatianaThank you so much Caroline for the fantastic course. Can’t wait to start the next one 

Sharon I've been following the class and wanted to tell you that it's by far the best class I've seen. I love how you're interacting with everyone, helping each person learn from their results.

 Jacqui Thank you Caroline  I learnt a lot about iron and how to get good prints.

I have enjoyed the tips and tricks and hope to be able to do another course about colour and mordants with you soon. Thanks for being such a generous teacher.

Evelyn Thank you SO much. You really are a wonderful teacher. So patient, so thorough, so kind. Wonderful 'food' for thought!

 Jacki Thank you ! Your explanations are very helpful and informative. Science and art! 

 Kate Just watched the first new video and it's so leveling and reassuring at the same time. Love that this course is more than just pre-recorded content but reactive as well.

 Soo I am enjoying looking again at things I consider basic, but seeing them with a new eye with Caroline's great tuition. Lots to be learned!

Sandra. ecoprint on paper at Claydon August 2019

Thank you so much for providing such a fantastic course. I really enjoyed it. It was a bit of a whirlwind and I didn’t manage to take notes, so I guess I'll be back for more!!

Amanda -beginner and indigo workshops, august 2019

Thank you for running such fun, informative and creative courses. I really loved eco printing and the excitement of revealing the results. You were an inspiring and patient teacher. The format and environment were perfect. The food delicious and the garden an oasis. 

From Jaquie, embroiderers' guild member. August 2019

Had so many comments from our members who had attended to say how much they had enjoyed your talk and how you had introduced the world of eco-dyeing to them, a technique that for quite a few is a completely new take on the world of fabrics and textiles.  Am only sorry that I missed out on your talk because I was on holiday.  I think I said before that eco-dyeing is something I wanted to know more about. 

Anyway many many thanks for visiting and introducing us to something new and wonderful.

Private advanced ecoprint and indigo workshop in Lancashire

Private advanced ecoprint and indigo workshop in Lancashire

workshop feedback

For me it was everything I wished for and I thoroughly enjoyed those three days.It was SO lovely to feel so welcome into your home. I loved that we could help ourselves to refreshments and pick any leaves in your wonderful garden and meet your neighbours and friends. It was so relaxing.I loved being with like minded women all learning from you and from each other.You are a super teacher, a lovely balance of kindness, compassion, knowledge and assertiveness when needed. I appreciated how organised and thoughtful you were and flexible and sensitive to our needs.You gave me so much help and confidence and I  delighted with the things I made. (Wearing the dress to a party this weekend!) Deborah July 2018

Caroline, just wanted to say thank you for an amazing two days, I absolutely loved it and enjoyed meeting such a wonderful group of like-minded ladies!

Really appreciated your teaching, kindness and empathy and look forward to the next course!

Jackie, August 2018

Caroline's workshop was very well organised and well structured for a range of ecoprinting experience levels. she is a very clear, but patient, tutor, always mindful of where a student is on their specific learning journey. she builds up the knowledge to be learnt in a straightforward and sequential way and is always positively responsive to questions. Best of all, she is great fun! I would (and do) thoroughly recommend her to new and experienced eco printers alike. Maggie July 2018

 I just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed the weekend with you, you are an inspiration, as was your lovely home. 

I loved your approach to printing, it made me feel that I was experimenting ,not just copying, from the beginning, even when I was folllowing the steps for the samples. You squeezed in so much information and delivered it in a way that made good sense. I really feel that I have a much better understanding of the processes and look forward to experimenting more! .Nicola August 2018


Had such a good day on monday.... just one complaint. I slept really well after such a tiring day in the sun, until about four o’clock when I woke up and started thinking about the day, about colours, and leaves, and designs for clothes, and processes, and how I could do them........well past dawn when I finally got back to sleep! Carol, August 2018


Delivery of the course content was of a very high standard. Content knowledge was clearly delivered. Imparting knowledge effectively is not a given. Caroline succeeded immeasurably. Bravo! Claydon summer 2018


Great course and venue. Organised teacher who shared happily. Pls do a longer course with Caroline. It was delightful. Claydon summer 2018


Excellent quality teaching. The tutor was immersed in her craft and that rubbed off on me...I loved it!! Claydon summer 2018


Lisbet Borggreen

31.07.2019 22:38

Seen your beautiful jacket at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham.
Wonder what size it has, could think of bying it if it fits me.

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Hi Caroline. I love your sweaters (cashmere or cotton) and would love to purchase one but I would need a 38 size bust. Can you let me know if you have any in this size. I don't seem to see them.

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Could you add me to your mailing list thanks

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Please add me to your e-mail list. Thank you, Bonnie Strollo

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Hi Caroline:
I'm the person who didn't make it to Morocco...and I really don't want to wait until next fall to take some instruction from you. Any suggestions for a course I could take in the meantime

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