Ecoprinting, or botanical contact printing, is a contemporary adaptation of the ancient art of dyeing cloth with plant based pigments. Leaves are arranged on cloth, which is then tightly bound so that leaves and fabric are  in close  contact. Application of steam or immersion in a vat of natural dye coaxes the pigment out  of the  leaf  and  into the  cloth.

Treatment with naturally occuring substances such as soya, alum, or rust solution enhances the  colours and makes them more  colourfast  and  lightfast. Addition of  natural dyes such as madder, logwood and  indigo extends the palette of  colours achievable. These dyes  come  from sustainable  sources - many are  grown in my own garden.The  naturally produced  colours are soft and  harmonious, and the  process is  non polluting and respectful of the  environment. The smallest change  in plant species, climatic  conditions or water  source can produce marked  variations  in the  prints, meaning every piece of cloth is  unique.

 The textiles  used  are natural fibres , organically produced and  ethically sourced wherever  possible. Vintage garments and textiles are also  upcycled, giving them a new lease of life. Much of the  linen and  lace  is sourced from French brocantes. The  cooking  pots  used  for processing are  also recycled - copper preserving  pans, cast iron laundry pots,  aluminium cooking  pots. The  metal ions   produced  by the  use  of  these  pots can intensify colours and  increase  light  fastness

All these techniques are the antithesis of today’s  ‘throwaway’ society


Pam Griffiths

25.01.2021 09:58

Greetings from Cape Town South Africa. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, enjoyed reading your story.

Francesca Fuller

02.09.2017 16:38

This is really lovely. Love the blues and the little maple leaves.

Maggie Pettifer

16.07.2017 16:15

Love your work..please send details of one-day entry level Long Compton workshops for Pat and myself. xxMaggie

Caroline Nixon

27.11.2016 23:07

Thanks so much Mary, do hope you enjoy wearing it.

Mary Fitzmaurice

25.11.2016 20:07

Have just bought one of your scarves at Whichford. We are thoroughly thrilled with your creations and techniques. We're really impressed and think they are quite stunning!

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